About Us

The physicians and staff of International Eye Associates are united by a shared passion for excellence in eye care. Our doctors have dedicated numerous years of medical school, residency, fellowship, and post-fellowship training to eye disease research and education. Each doctor is uniquely qualified in a subspecialty of ophthalmology.

Together, our team of specialists has developed one of the leading eye care centers in Florida with an emphasis on compassionate, patient-centered treatments. Our goal is to provide excellence in eye care to every patient.


At International Eye Associates, our mission is to provide comprehensive eye care services with a focus on personalized and compassionate care. Each patient is unique, and we take the time to listen to their concerns and develop a treatment plan that meets their individual needs.


Ophthalmology Services Provided

The International Eye Associates is a comprehensive eye care practice that features a complete spectrum of ophthalmology services. Our surgical services include cataract surgery, corneal procedures, glaucoma treatment options, dry eye treatment, and even same day emergency eye care.

What Is the Difference Between an Ophthalmologist and an Optometrist?


Ophthalmologists are medical doctors (M.D.) with medical school training specifically trained to provide the full spectrum of eye care, from diagnosing disorders to treating eye diseases and performing various types of eye surgery. 


An optometrist is an eye doctor of optometry (O.D.) licensed to practice optometry, specializing in vision correction. The practice of optometry traditionally involves examining the eye for the purpose of prescribing and dispensing corrective lenses, screening vision to detect certain eye abnormalities, and prescribing medications for certain eye diseases.

At International Eye Associates, we work alongside ophthalmologists to provide post-operative care, address urgent or specialty issues, and ensure that patients receive well-rounded care at each clinic visit.